Cloud Integration: 6 Best Cloud Integration Platforms & Tools

Cloud integration has changed the IT landscape by forcing businesses to consider how to most efficiently structure the enterprise. The number of Software as a Service applications deployed by businesses has grown exponentially, creating numerous new integration use cases. As more and more businesses move to the cloud, overcoming cloud integration challenges grows increasingly important. Integration of cloud data allows your team to access, edit, and share data anytime.

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You want your cloud environment to fit with your business needs and handle the traffic and data you are likely to use. When talking about the various SaaS applications and other XaaS options available, one major benefit is scalability. According to circumstances, being able to easily adjust your systems’ size offers major advantages in terms of cost and productivity. An in-house solution will have less flexible parameters when it comes to scalability. Cloud data integration brings all your data together in a highly accessible ecosystem.

Enterprise Application Integration: How To Digitally Transform Your Business

A passionate leader, who always motivates and inspires everyone to stay dynamic by inculcating the higher standards of work excellence. Virtual infrastructure — Spin up, deploy, and manage virtual machines, servers, network devices, and more to build and tune your environment. Rarely does a news cycle go by without word of some new and significant breach in security. Major companies, financial institutions, and even political institutions are all at grave risk from an ever-growing list of online threats — including digital information theft, ransoming, and destruction.

  • By uniting all your data, applications, and processes, Boomi essentially stores all of your technology systems and assets in one place.
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  • Cloud integration platforms help streamline this connective process & further reduce the amount of lead time required for deployment.
  • Whether using XaaS components or in-house ones, you can adjust processes for different projects and accommodate any growth or expansion in projects.
  • Checking how well the integrated system works within established bandwidth limitations.
  • Unfortunately, as they move to the cloud, many organizations fail to implement a solid plan for data governance.

For many organizations, a move to a hybrid cloud model will involve integrating your on-premises applications with newer, software-as-a-service apps that are delivered via the cloud. Prebuilt application integration cloud integration and low-code automation for quick connectivity. If you are looking for an intelligent integration platform to connect your apps and automate business workflows, Dell Boomi is the tool you must try.


During Explore, VMware tried to convince customers to use its technology for building a multi-cloud architecture. The latest vSphere release offers expanded lifecycle management features, data processing unit hardware support and management … Cleo Integration Cloud – provides digital integration agility across cloud and on-premise applications. I encourage you to learn more about finding anon-disruptive path to the cloudfor your enterprise. Then, explore the options within cloud integration to start planning the path for your company.

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The vast majority of organizations license iPaaS from their cloud provider or other external party. For this reason, and for the variety of data formats and schemas of different cloud platforms and services, you need to regularly update data connectors or adaptors. The update should take place in case of an app update and new software or platform release. Also, opting for cloud integration tools means no upfront investment in on-premise solutions and reduced maintenance costs. We can help you create a custom cloud-based enterprise application with your choice of features and designs at the best price possible. You can even choose the APIs that need to be integrated into your enterprise app for better performance.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

But, using cloud service integration solutions, you can effortlessly transform and load this data to the desired cloud platform. However, you must manage and integrate the data properly for better functionality. 84 percent of organizations using a multi-cloud strategy, the question is less about whether you need to think about cloud integration challenges and more about what solutions you’ll use to address them. Any proposal to move to the cloud must be accompanied by a robust plan for data governance. For example, automation is more and more important for many organizations’ data governance strategies to help detect potential integration issues.

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There is no coding required, and the platform utilizes Machine Learning and patented technology to make the creation and implementation of automations 10X faster than traditional platforms. When a company chooses to integrate its data from various cloud platforms, it helps them cut operational costs. As you need fewer users to run the applications and have software that can administer the integration process, the total cost of ownership decreases. IaaS offers virtual computing resources over the internet while reducing the expenses and complexity of enterprise software. Connect various enterprise applications and systems and put your best foot forward as you integrate cloud services into your business processes. By breaking down data silos and helping to merge information components, cloud-based integration improves connectivity, visibility, and ultimately business processes.

WGBH Boston Builds a Hybrid Cloud Active Archive With Cloudian HyperStore

We provide cloud-based integration services that can retire the traditional way you migrate legacy-modern integrations to SaaS-based systems integrations. You no longer need to worry about losing data during the handover process. A cloud integration solution likely works with highly-sensitive and business-critical data.

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The demand for cloud system integration emerged from this need to combine and maintain disparate data sets and cloud resources while unifying different cloud environments with on-premises data. It is a system integration platform that uses various solutions, services and platforms to enable the real-time exchange of data, commands and processes between on-site and cloud systems. Both of these solutions are a part of Anypoint Platform, a unified, future-proof integration platform designed to help organizations solve their integration challenges.

Weka + Cloudian: High-Performance, Exabyte-Scalable Storage for AI/ML

Special adapters allow the applications to communicate with ESB translating or transforming the message data (e.g., XML to JSON, JMS to HTTP, XML to Java objects). The integration of cloud-hosted applications with other cloud or on-premise software of medium complexity usually takes around 8-12 months, including steps like planning and design, implementation and testing. The project requires a team of a project manager, a business analyst, an integration architect, developers, QA and DevOps engineers. ScienceSoft has been providing cloud application development and integration services since 2012. To ensure your contact list stays accurate across clients, you can integrate the other apps your teams use to manage customers, like an ITSM tool, with your ERP system. From there, you can set up a flow where any time a new contact gets created in the ITSM tool, the same action takes place in the ERP system.